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Clarus is an initiative to develop and demonstrate an integrated surface transportation weather observing, forecasting and data management system, and to establish a partnership to create a Nationwide Surface Transportation Weather Observing and Forecasting System. The objective of Clarus is to provide information to all transportation managers and users to alleviate the effects of adverse weather (e.g., fatalities, injuries and delays).

The Alaska-Canada Highway Road Weather Portal (ALCAN Highway RWP) encompasses the Alaska - Canada Highway (ALCAN Highway) extending from Dawson Creek, British Columbia to Delta Junction, Alaska and the primary access routes to the ALCAN Highway throughout Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, and Yukon Territory. A Clarus regional demonstration across the ALCAN Highway RWP system will provide a clear example of how an open and integrated approach to observational data management can be used to overcome deficiencies and improve road weather information products.

ALCAN Clarus Regional Demonstration Concept of Operations
The technical use case documentation for the ALCAN Highway RWP Clarus ConOps
ALCAN Use Case Scenarios
Use Case Scenarios provide the foundation for the ALCAN Highway Road Weather Portal Clarus Demonstration project. These Use Case Scenarios will become part of the Concept of Operations after modification based upon input from ALCAN Highway RWP project team. The scenarios represent high-level descriptions of the entities (actors) that are involved in particular scenarios and the actions (use cases) associated with entities. Within the Concept of Operations document these scenarios will be enhanced and will include functional requirements, internal and external interfaces, and a description of the necessary resources to facilitate an operational demonstration of the ALCAN Highway Road Weather Portal as it relates to each of these scenarios.

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