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Clarus Multi-State Regional Demonstration

Clarus is an initiative to develop and demonstrate an integrated surface transportation weather observing, forecasting and data management system, and to establish a partnership to create a Nationwide Surface Transportation Weather Observing and Forecasting System. The objective of Clarus is to provide information to all transportation managers and users to alleviate the effects of adverse weather (e.g., fatalities, injuries and delays).

The Meridian Team will develop and demonstrate new and innovative business-to-government services through close collaboration with state transportation agency partners. The state agency partners are five of the eight members of the North/West Passage Transportation Pooled Fund Study.

clarus states The work performed under this contract will result in new innovations in road weather forecasting, the translation of these road weather forecasting innovations to support Clarus-enabled enhancements to traveler advisories, and to supporting improved seasonal weight restriction decision-making in partnership with these state agencies. The resulting services shall utilize road weather and pavement data from the Clarus System along with various additional weather and transportation information resources.

The business-to-government activities will involve the provision of new services during the demonstration period of the project to the five state transportation agencies. These agencies will participate in a thorough systems engineering approach that addresses the needs of these agencies. The systems engineering approach will ensure the participation of the state agencies and will incorporate the unique expertise and experience of personnel within these agencies.